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Interact Club of Tumbi Umbi Campus

Tumbi Campus Interact leaders: From left to right: Stacey Carpenter-Salmon (Teacher), Maddy Sloey (Secretary), Yoong Tran (Treasurer), Anne Hammond (President), Sean Campbell and Zachary Cobham (Vice President)


Rotary Club of The Entrance

sponsors the

Interact Club at Tumbi Campus


Interact Clubs are Rotary sponsored service clubs for senior primary and high school students.

Usually based in high schools, Interact Clubs give students opportunities to develop initiative, leadership skills, teamwork skills, a community service ethic and international understanding.

The involvement of enthusiastic and supportive Rotarians is vital to an Interact Club’s success.

Interact Christmas GiftsInteract Christmas GiftsThe Interact Club Christmas Gifts 2018


Interact Club students alongside The Entrance Rotary and Ray White Bateau Bay spreading the Christmas cheer

The entire Interact club has worked to plan and fundraise for the purchase and delivery of hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas items for Ray White at Bateau Bay and their Little Ray of Light charity drive.

The gifts will be distributed to the local Samaritan charity just before Christmas Day.

Interact sold lollies at school and raised $300. The kids went to Kmart and were each given $100 to spend on toys which they then took to Ray White. As you can see, the students had a lot of fun through their work on this initiative!



Wheelathon at Tumbi Umbi

Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College Tumbi Umbi Campus opened 21 years ago and is on a large bushland site with modern buildings. They have a wide range of facilities catering to 1200 students in Year 7 and upwards.

Tumbi Umbi School’s Interact Club was a fairly new creation was looking for a project to “get their teeth into”. Following an introduction from the Rotary Club of The Entrance, members of the Mosman Rotary Club made a presentation in February to the members of the Interact Club and to the responsible teacher, Stacey Carpenter-Salmon.

Interact Tumbi UmbiIn the preceding months it quickly became apparent that the idea of running a wheelchairs for kids fundraising event enabled to club to grow and work together as a team. Apart from getting the head’s approval and setting a date, the club had to design posters, handouts and the basic methodology adopted on the day.Interact Tumbi Umbi

After the Interact Club had put in so much effort it was decided that we should play safe and deliver the wheelchairs to Tumbi Umbi the day before. So with 13 on the back of a Thrifty Rental members of Mosman Rotary Club went up to Tumbi Umbi Thursday the 19th June. The following day early Friday morning with 2 additional chairs in the back of Richards car.

Due to the need for fairly scarce school transport and competition with other more established schools in the area, the Tumbi Umbi Campus starts at an earlier time than normal, 8.00am. The Interact team and Stacey were there at 6.45am to start setting up. Because of the wet weather last week the wheelathon was actually run in one of the covered netball courts. In fact on Friday the sun shone and there was no rain but the oval that was to be used was still waterlogged and unsuitable.

Interact Tumbi UmbiEach wheelchair was allotted a team of 2 with one sitting and the other pushing. No collisions were reporInteract Tumbi Umbited but from time to time the teams did wander off track and have to get back. Each time they came around there were 2 Interact team members to tick off the round.

There was a slight change at lunchtime when the more senior students conducted a house team relay. No pushing; just by hand turning the wheels! A lunchtime BBQ was run by members from the Entrance Rotary Club.

Stacey estimated that the wheelathon would produce a contribution of around $4000 which with the BBQ proceeds should raise the total for the day to around $5000 or the equivalent of 25 wheelchairs.

Tumbi Umbi Campus

There was little doubt that the kids participating in the event enjoyed themselves and equally that the 20 Interact Club members worked well together and got tremendous value from the experience.